Progress Products

Progress Software Products Span Application Platforms, Services Infrastructure and Data Infrastructure

Progress is the right choice for any business that believes that innovation is important to achieving clear competitive advantage. Our products, services and technology leadership, proven experience and global strength make us the perfect fit for enterprises of all sizes, in every industry.

Our breadth of products, services and technology are designed to enable SOA and business innovation, spanning Application Platforms, Services Infrastructure and Data Infrastructure.

Progress Application Platform Products

Progress OpenEdge®

Progress OpenEdge® with more than 60,000 customers worldwide is a comprehensive platform for the rapid development and deployment of business applications that are standards-based and service-oriented. OpenEdge applications can be deployed and managed over virtually any computer platform and across the Internet. OpenEdge provides a unified environment comprising development tools, application servers, application management tools, an embedded database, and the capability to easily connect and integrate with other applications and data sources.

Progress® OpenEdge® products include: OpenEdge Architect, OpenEdge Studio, OpenEdge Application Server, OpenEdge RDBMS, OpenEdge DataServer, OpenEdge Management, OpenEdge Replication

Progress Apama®

The Progress Apama Event Stream Processing platform can monitor rapidly moving event streams, detect sophisticated patterns, and take action - all within milliseconds. Apama's sophisticated complex event processing (CEP) functionality can act on a variety of diverse, high velocity data streams, including financial market feeds, RFID signals, telecommunications network traffic, and satellite telemetry data.

Apama products include: Apama Algorithmic Trading Platform, and Apama ESP Platform.

Progress Services Infrastructure Products

Progress Sonic™

Sonic products from Progress Software help IT organizations achieve broad-scale interoperability of IT systems and the flexibility to adapt these systems to rapidly changing business needs. The Sonic products include Sonic MQ, the industry's only continuously available JMS enterprise messaging system, and Sonic ESB, the world's first and market-share leading enterprise service bus (ESB). Sonic products simplify the integration and flexible reuse of diverse and often proprietary business systems by manipulating them as modular, standards-based services which can be rapidly combined to serve the business in new ways.

Sonic products include: Sonic ESB, Sonic Orchestration Server. SonicMQ, Sonic XML Server, Sonic Workbench, Sonic Brides/Clients, Sonic Adaptors, and Sonic Database Service.

Progress Actional®

Progress Actional delivers Web services management and SOA governance products that provide visibility, security and control of the activities of services and end-to-end business processes in the runtime environment. Actional capabilities include system and process-level visibility, as well as policy enforcement across an SOA infrastructure deployed on any combination of platforms. The combination of the Sonic and Actional products establishes Progress as the market's leading provider of platform-independent, enterprise-grade SOA infrastructure software.

Actional products include: Actional Looking Glass and Actional SOAPstation.

DataDirect Shadow®

Shadow is a robust, multi-threaded, native runtime architecture and consolidated development environment providing a real-time foundation architecture for standards-based mainframe integration. Shadow supports: Web Services for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Real-time events for Event-Driven Architecture (EDA), SQL for direct data access and transactional support and automatic presentation layer generation for extending screen-based applications to the Web.

With Shadow, organizations have an infrastructure that delivers a secure, reliable and scalable framework for all mainframe integration.

Shadow products include: Includes: Shadow, Shadow z/Direct, Shadow z/Services, Shadow z/Events, and Shadow z/Presentation.

Progress Data Infrastructure Products


DataDirect products provide data connectivity components that use industry-standard interfaces to connect any application running on any platform to any major database. With components embedded in the products of over 250 leading software companies and in the applications of thousands of large enterprises, DataDirect is the undisputed global leader in the data connectivity market.

DataDirect products include: DataDirect Connect for JDBC, DataDirect for ODBC, DataDirect for ADO.NET, DataDirect for SequeLink, DataDirect Xquery, DataDirect for XML Converters, DataDirect Shadow, DataDirect Shadow, Stylus Studio z/Direct.

Progress EasyAsk®

Progress EasyAsk products provide natural language search and query capabilities that empower business and consumer users to quickly find and retrieve critical information from multiple enterprise data sources. Market demand for search and information retrieval solutions that provide single-point access to critical content and insight for the enterprise, for e-commerce and for ISVs is rapidly increasing. EasyAsk is well-positioned to capitalize on this growing demand.

EasyAsk products include: EasyAsk Enterprise, EasyAsk Commerce, EasyAsk ISV.

Progress DataXtend™

The Progress DataXtend product family provides data integration for distributed applications, delivering real-time transactional views of shared data, in the form that applications need. DataXtend offers a unique approach to the data management problems often associated with SOA, employing a common semantic data model to create sophisticated data transformations, enabling organizations to integrate heterogeneous data sources with no disruption to existing applications.

DataXtend products include: DataXtend Enterprise, DataXtend Remote Edition, and DataXtend Caching Edition.

Progress ObjectStore®

Progress ObjectStore is the industry's leading object data management solution, enabling users to store C++ and Java data up to 100 times faster than with an RDBMS or file-based storage system. ObjectStore provides all the transactional and high-availability features demanded by today's distributed enterprise, but with up to 80% less code than traditional database technology. As a result, ObjectStore provides high-performance data management with substantially faster time to market.

ObjectStore products include: ObjectStoreEnterprise and ObjectStore PS Pro.